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Terrence Howard – Ralph Barbero Sicily

terrence_howardIt seems that the fashion world is fully prepared to embrace a man wearing a purse as a lot of male celebrities have been seen carrying one lately. One of these celebrities is Terrence Howard, who seems to wear it without any reluctance. If you don’t know who Terrence Howard is you probably don’t watch a lot of movies as he is a very successful actor. He played in great movies like Crash, Four Brothers, The Brave One or Iron Man. He is also a singer and released his debut album named Shine Through It in 2008 and also performed for the movie Hustle and Flow. He even won an Academy Award for Best Original Song for his music in Hustle and Flow. Unfortunately, his personal life isn’t that successful and he has appeared a lot in tabloids after being accused by his wife that he was physically abusing her. She also filed a divorce recently which led to another scandal in the media and him being a lot in the spotlight.

The clutch bag he was wearing at the Oscars was not just any other bag, it was a very pretentious bag created by Ralph Barbero Sicily called The Borsette. It costs an incredible amount of $34,000 as it has a lot of expensive elements and is one of the most expensive handbags out there. It features a European inspired design created with black alligator leather. It comes in other colors too, like blue or white. Also, the price is justified by the existence of a 2.5 carat diamond encrusted in the clutch and a thumb ring that will help you hold it firmly. It also features a platinum star applied on the leather and it can be worn both as a clutch handbag or wallet.

There’s no doubt that Terrence Howard managed to create a beautiful but unusual style with his clutch handbag. Even if he is wearing a purse after all, he does it very elegantly and a lot of men should follow his example. As long as he feels good wearing such an accessory people’s reluctance to the idea shouldn’t stop him as a clutch is very practical.

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