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Sarah Jessica Parker Fendi Bag

Sarah-Jessica-Parkers-Fendi-2Jours-Elite-Leather-ShopperSarah Jessica Parker is mostly known for her role in Sex and The City and that role has made her a sort of fashion guru among celebrities. She has been promoting beautiful handbags, shoes and clothes through the show and a lot of fashionistas out there follow her trends religiously. The celebrity also played in less known movies and has been always spotted wearing top notch fashion. Lately she has been using her celebrity status to impress various handbag brands and gain different partnerships. This is how she managed to get her own bag after signing a contract with Fendi. The bag is one of the 2JoursElite bags from the known Fendi collection from 2012.

She has been shown with her own handbag several times and you can get the same model with SJP encrusted on it if you really love the actress and the brand. But there are also Fendi bags that don’t have her name encrusted for those out there who only prefer having the bag. You will love the fact that the bag is sleek and very charming with a nice top handle that gives it a pretty classic look. Such a well-made gorgeous bag should be your choice for a gift or even a gift to yourself.  Another thing that makes this bag a top choice is the fact that it will be easily recognizable by most people, also the fact that it comes in a timeless design makes it a perfect bag for all seasons, and if you choose the right color, all outfits.

The bag has pockets on the inside with a zipper in the middle that organizes everything nicely. Also, you get a removable strap that makes it a lot more versatile and lets you carry it around or just hang. You will love the fact that the durable leather it is made of makes it almost indestructible but it’s soft enough for a comfortable and quality feel.

A special quality of the 2JoursElite is the fact that it manages to have a high quality look but in a very tasteful manner unlike other handbags out there.

It seems that Sarah Jessica Parker has resumed her relationship with Fendi as it seems she was a bit obsessed with them during the Sex and the City show. It seems that this debut with a new Fendi model will work for Sarah Jessica Parker as her handbag has been gaining more and more popularity lately.

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