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Luxury Handbags

Gucci Soho Large Shoulder Bag

admin : April 20, 2012 3:40 pm : Luxury Handbags

The Gucci ‘Soho’ Large Shoulder Bag in off-white leather is a subtly elegant creation. It’s part of the new Cruise 2012 collection and is the perfect Christmas gift for any luxury bag lover this year. Gucci has been a sought after luxury designer brand since 1921, and now in 2011 their collections are more desired than ever. This Soho collection is bold, but classic Frida Giannini in honor of Guccio Gucci.

This is a great weekend bad for casual occasions. Its droopy style just oozes comfort and convenience, and the capacity is quite large, so it could even be used on road trips or overnight stays. It’s easy to find your belongings inside thanks to the simple light cream cotton liner. This also contributes to the light weight of the bag.

Luxury BagThe double shoulder straps with a 7″ (16cm) drop provide comfort and style, and the bottom feet ensure long term protection. Inside there is a natural cotton lining and pockets for a cell phone and PDA, as well as inside zip pockets. The light gold hardware is striking and contrasts beautifully with the leather tone.

The large embossed interlocking G logo gives this bag that unmistakable Gucci look and feel as this feature was first seen in 1973. Rather than a traditional monogram, the embossed logo appears significantly more sophisticated and less pretentious. The tassel is extra large, but it adds charm and character rather than being an annoyance.

The dimensions of the bag are:

16.5″ length

8.3″ width

14.2″ height

Also available is a medium SOHO shoulder bag, which has all the same features as the larger version.

In addition to off-white leather, the Gucci Soho Large Shoulder Bag is also available in three other variations: Grape colored leather which is a gorgeous deep purple, Red leather which is a bright lipstick red, and Grape multi-colored python with leather trim. The off-white, red and grape/purple leather versions are all $2090. The python version, which is hand painted, is going for a premium: $4500.

Replica bags from this collection are currently being sold for under $300 but needless to say, the quality does not compare. Only a real Gucci Soho shoulder bag will turn heads – whichever color you choose this is a bag that screams attention and envy.

Gucci is currently taking pre-orders for this bag with shipping expected any time between 1st December 2011 and 31st March 2012.

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Louis Vuitton Mahina Galatea MM

admin : April 12, 2012 3:34 pm : Luxury Handbags

The original Galatea is a sculpture of mythical  Cypriot sculptor Pygmalion who carved an ivory woman called Galatea which he proceeded to fall in love with and wished she would come to life as a real woman. This is the inspiration behind the Louis Vuitton Mahina Galatea collection. It is to be desired and wished for just like the original Galatea – and it’s difficult not to feel that way once you’ve seen it.

This bag is casual yet classy. It’s soft, slouchy design gives it a very relaxed feel yet there’s no doubt this is a bag that oozes charm and elegance from every part of it.

LV luxury bag

A double zipper opens into the spacious and soft microfibre lined interior that consists of zipped pockets, as well as patch pockets and a phone pocket. It makes this bag not only elegant on the outside, but extremely convenient to use as well. The metal feet at the base of the bag provide extra protection and peace of mind – but not to the detriment to the design. In fact they compliment it perfectly, particularly in contrast with the fine calfskin leather exterior. The Toron based handle is not only iconic and elegant, but usable and comfortable too.

The patterned leather exterior makes full use of the perforated technique that works so well on this supple leather. The detail on the straps is not to be missed – take a closer look for the subtle yet highly detailed touches. No expense has been spared. Top it off with the golden brass hardware and you have an exquisitely designed bag that would have Pygmalion himself down on his knees.

There are two sizes to choose from in the Louis Vuitton Mahina Galatea – PM and MM. The Mahina Galatea PM is the smaller version in this line up and those who enjoy carrying around more than a few possessions may find it a little too small. That’s where the MM really comes into its own. You can fit a lot in there – more than you would think on first glance. There are three sophisticated colors to select from: Opal (only available in MM), Noir and Grenat.

The Louis Vuitton Mahina Galatea MM retails for approximately $3,600 from Louis Vuitton stores. It’s proving to be an extremely popular seller and stock can be hard to come by – for good reason. The Mahina Galatea MM is another masterpiece from Louis Vuitton.

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Fendi Chameleon Handbag

admin : January 18, 2012 8:39 pm : Luxury Handbags

Chameleons are masters of camouflage and deception. It’s then fitting that this latest tote bag offering from Fendi is called the Chameleon – it’s classic leather but the subtle dual tri-color designs, textures and seam detail ensure that it’s far from plain. The logo hardware add that extra touch you can expect from Fendi, and the adjustable shoulder strap combined with the top handles provide comfort, usability and style.

Inside there are interior wall pockets and a cell phone pocket. The top zip enclosure is easy and convenient to access. It’s a moderately large bag, measuring in at 16″W x 11″H x 7″D, but certainly not so big that you won’t want to use it on a daily basis. This is a practical bag. The shape of it is nothing new, but the way it’s been done is and as such, you will feel like you’re carrying something revolutionary. The well designed panels breathe new life into what would otherwise be a basic rectangular bag.

The color panel blocks are made of separate panels each with a subtle color difference to the adjoining one. Color blocks have become a trend of late, but rather than going with bright bold colors, Fendi has chosen the more subtle path and pulled it off perfectly. There are several color combination designs available:

– Basic black or brown/prune. These colors do not have the multi-colored panels, but the gold hardware takes the stage instead.

– Calf and ponyskin version comes in brown with exquisite textures.

– Tan, with a lighter shade in one corner.

– Tan multi, with extra color blocks including brown, tan plus black straps and handles.

– Tan, black, brown: The body is tan, one corner is light tan and the other black, and the handles are a matching brown.

– Black multi – this is the most colorful of the collection and features a black body, tan colored sides, turquoise handles, orange detachable body strap and zipper stitches. This is the most expensive version, retailing for $2490.

This made in Italy calfskin leather tote has protective metal feet to give you peace of mind about durability and protection. Just a few of the celebs who have been seen sporting the Fendi Chameleon include Jessica Hart, Monica Bellucci and Emma Stone. With so many color options to choose from, there’s something for every taste and style in the Fendi Chameleon collection.

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The Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Verona

admin : December 31, 2011 5:31 am : Luxury Handbags

The Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Verona collection is an indisputable stand out from the Louis Vuitton bag collection this year, or from any year.

There are three sizes in this collection (in order of smallest to largest): PM, MM and GM. The PM is a perfect dinner purse bag. The MM is versatile and suits multiple occasions and outfits. The GM is quite larger and suits those who need to carry many items with them – a great overnight travel bag that will easily contain cosmetics, toiletries and a small change of clothes.

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Verona MM

The MM is the middle sized bag in this range. It’s a perfect bag for virtually any occasion. It’s quite a bit larger than the PM so can be comfortably worn day or night. It can certainly pass as a formal bag but would do just as well on a casual day out too. The Damier Verona PM is certainly versatile. The chequered exterior is unique, classy and elegant. It’s easy to overlook a brown chequered bag but those that do will be missing out – taking a closer look will reveal instantly the subtle touches, high quality and the comfort of the MM. The curved shape and leather trimmings, this is a comfortable bag to use and to look at. It’s built to last – durability has been provided via 4 metal studs at the bottom of the bag. The key/padlock feature that Louis Vuitton is famous for is a nice touch. The MM bag is priced at $1,290.

Fabulous Handbag

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Verona PM

There are no two ways about it – this bag is cute. It’s the smallest in the collection but it’s extremely usable. The long handles make it easy and comfortable to carry over your shoulder. It’s a perfect dinner bag, while the MM and GM are more suited for a day out. The stunning red microfibre lining on the interior also contains an extra slot pocket. The Damier Ebene Verona PM is valued at a modest $1,060.

Also available to compliment this collection are the Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Cosmetic Bag and the Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Telephone Pouch MM which is a perfect cell phone holder. Both of these will easily fit into the Damier Ebene Verona MM bag, with room to spare.

Louis Vuitton has a winner with this line up of Damier Ebene Verona bags.

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Dior New Lock Bags

admin : December 20, 2011 10:48 am : Luxury Handbags

The New Lock collection from Dior is a tribute to the famous 1947 “New Look” from Christian Dior. The range owes its name to the “New Look” invented by Christian Dior in 1947 with its sophisticated original clasp.


This is a small flap bag unlike any other. The fine diamond-patterned hand embroidery (“Cannage” – Dior’s newest signature) and flounced borders ensures that this bag looks as classy as it feels in your hands. Topping it off is the ruffled trimming which adds even more character and class. A gold metal chain and leather handle add the finishing touches.

The New Lock is not all style without convenience. It’s highly usable, consisting of three compartments via two middle dividers, and one zipped pocket within the nylon lined interior. The small size does not convey the room available inside this bag – 30cm x 20cm x 12cm with ample room for all your essential items. It will sit well under your arm and is easily tucked away on your lap under the dinner table.

A variety of colors are available in this diverse range, from simple contemporary solid colors like red and black, to exotic blue snakeskin. This sophisticated chic flap bag is a very clever design. The chains give it a tough industrial look, while the ruffles ensure it is feminine enough for the occasion. The simple flap closure and double press stud clasp with its Dior engraving really brand this bag as something special – this is going to be a timeless collection.

Peter Lindbergh and Darius Khondji have created some short films designed to showcase the New Lock collection. Starring Nora Arnezeder, the superb French actress, this campaign is going to pay tribute to the “New Look” collection of the 1940’s while promoting the latest collection of this classic design. There’s no doubt that these films will create a strong desire in many people to want to own one of the bags from the New Lock collection. You can view these short films on Dior’s website. This isn’t just a new bag collection; it’s a tribute to a legend. Christian Dior revolutionized fashion 70 years ago and still today, the Dior brand continues to inspire and entice.

A Dior New Lock bag is a worthy investment for any bag lover, collector, or anyone simply wanting a stylish, elegant bag for almost any occasion. As with any designer bag, the replicas have popped up everywhere but those with their heart set on the real thing are the only ones that will be rewarded. Priced at $2,050.

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Chanel Tweed and Calfskin Messenger Bag

admin : November 25, 2011 3:35 pm : Chanel, Luxury Handbags

The new Chanel Messenger Bag in tweed is a Coco Chanel classic – reinvented. Tweed, with it’s rough yet amazingly soft and subtle woollen fabric texture, was always a favorite of Coco. The word is this is because she had two important lovers throughout her life and they were both British (tweed having its origins in the UK). So it’s no surprise that this timeless Messenger Bag utilizes this material so elegantly in a grey shade.

Coupled with the adjustable calfskin shoulder strap and elegantly topped off with a CC logo turnlock, this is a plush, highly modern bag that is not going to be limited to any one occasion or outfit. Although it will be best utilized and appreciated during the Fall and Winter months, it can easily be supplemented with one of the other full leather Messenger Bags in this collection during Summer and Spring. This woolly Messenger Bag really looks like a winter bag. The quilted pattern gives it a warm look, without losing its modern touch.

Luxury Chanel Messender Bag

This bag is part of the new Fall-Winter 2011/2012 collection of Chanel Messenger Bags and is by far the most unique and eye catching of the entire collection. The fraying on the top handle is classy, yet playful. It gives this bag an edge and one that we can only expect to see from Chanel.

Avoid Fake Chanel Bags

There is only one Tweed and Calfskin Messenger Bag worth buying, and that’s the genuine Chanel item. As with any new collection, the line up of replica bags flooding the market never takes long to surface. Look out for:

– The shape of the bag: fake replicas will have inconsistencies and noticeable lower quality edges and lines.

– Stitching – sloppy stitching is a sure sign of a replica.

– Logo – Knowing the Chanel logo is a vital skill. Fake logos may have the interlocking CC being either too thin or too wide.

The best way to avoid a fake Chanel Tweed and Calfskin Messenger Bag is to buy it directly from Chanel, or a trusted authorized retail outlet.  This bag is synonymous with classic Coco Chanel and those who choose to invest in it will not be disappointed. Chanel tweed jackets are timeless, and so too will be this bag.

The measurements of the Chanel Tweed and Calfskin bag are 9.1 x 13.6 x 4.1 inches.

The bag is available from Chanel for $3,100.

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