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Hayden Panettiere With Her Beloved Coach Patent Large Sabrina Handbag

Hayden Panettiere Coach Celebrity BagHayden Panettiere started her acting career at a very young age; at 10 years old she appeared in Remember The Titans produced by Disney but five years before that, she started in two soap operas. Most of us know her from the TV series heroes where she plays the role of a cheerleader with healing powers. The phrase “save the cheerleader, save the world” became known around the globe and her face is always instantly recognizable due to her charming smile and green eyes. She also stared in Scream 4 in 2011 and at 22 years, she is already quite the movie star.

Although we got to see her at countless award ceremonies and events with formal outfits, this picture of her simply walking down the street still looks great. As far as the outfit goes, it’s pretty simple and casual, a pair of jeans, a faded T-shirt and a pair of black sandals. What does stand out is the handbag which is a Coach Patent Large Sabrina, that looks very good. It might not be the perfect choice given her outfit but it is a very fashionable handbag and we got to see it in other pictures with Hayden so we can safely say that it is one of her favorite. Seeing that she was going on a shopping spree, a large handbag such as this one would surely come in handy.

Besides being a great actress, Hayden is also a singer and she released her first single in 2008, Wake Up Call, and she is a teen ambassador for Candle’s Foundation which fights to prevent teenage pregnancy. She is always busy with her movie career and with helping others but she never looks out of fashion and she is always willing to smile for the paparazzi and sign an autograph for the fans.

Coach Madison Patent Sabrina Large Satche bag

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