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Jessica Biel With Louis Vuitton Handbag

jessica-biel-louis-vuitton-mahinaWe all know Jessica Biel from 7th heaven where she played the role of Mary. But since then she became a grown woman, a great actress and an amazing trend setter. She also sings occasionally and did a lot of charity work. She also had a short career in modeling but acting was her strongest point. Her latest popular movies were I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry, Valentine’s Day, and The A-Team. Her charity work involves raising money for different medical issues, creating the Make the Difference Network which makes it possible for small organizations to get popular and helps people in need find charities that could help them. Some of her awards include Young Artist Award, Rising Star Award, and Sexiest Woman Alive award. With these awards there is no wonder why Jessica Biel is such a model for women out there.

In this picture we see her wearing this beautiful Louis Vuiton Mahina Stelar Bag. The tote handbag is part of the Mahina collection and it comes with some great features: it has adjustable and removable shoulder straps, interior pockets, and a lot of space to help you carry everything you need. It has a great design and it’s made from calfskin with perforated patterns and beautiful golden accessories. She manages to pair it up with some of the most confortable outfits because this handbag is incredibly versatile and it really works with most of your clothes. The color of the handbag, a beautiful sky blue is definitely a must this season and she manages to bring a lot of style to her whole outfit with that stunning bright color. If you are planning to buy this bag you should know that it actually comes in three colors which are Poudre, Ciel and Anthracite. Even with an outfit that contains a lot of shades of blue, Jessica manages to bring balance with her beautiful handbag. Now that’s what I call good accessorizing and smart fashion! With this amazing handbag you probably don’t need any accessories anyway because it’s already unique and draws a lot of attention to you.

I always feel happy when I see a star that manages to set such a good example when it comes to fashion and Jessica Biel is surely one of those trendy stars that never go overboard with their outfits.

Vuitton-Mahina-Stellar-Luxury Handbag

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