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Lady Gaga and Leather Tote

Lady_Gaga_Tote_BagWe’ve seen her in all the crazy outfits, form bling-bling girl to wearing a meat purse and a meat dress, Lady Gaga has been giving us a show even when she’s not performing. But here it seems that the diva managed to actually go out in public with something more wearable, this time a normal outfit and a Hermes leather tote. The diva has been seen in public with a lot of weird outfits but this particular tote handbag is rather pleasant and it would probably make a great accessory to a casual outfit if you want something a bit out of the ordinary.

She seems to develop the habit of wearing unique or modified purses as she has been spotted several times wearing the same style of handbag in different colors and with a different twist to it. She definitely enjoys these handbags but probably loves to have something unique to represent her. Her outfit is a bit unusual but nothing out of the ordinary as she has proved many times that she could go to the next level when it comes to fashion.

It isn’t known whether the particular bag was made for her or she just made someone modify a Hermes bag so that she could wear it, but one thing is certain, you can’t really find it in stores and you will have to rely on creating your own or buying a replica. The original bag is one of the Hermes classic tote bags with a lot of room inside just perfect for a day at work or a stroll through the park. You can find it in many colors depending on what outfit you are planning for the day. Also, the handbag can be found in smaller versions for those who don’t need an oversized handbag to carry around all day. Some of us might cringe a little when seeing how Lady Gaga modified this $50, 000 handbag and made it all studded and shiny, but you have to admit that she did a pretty good job.

Such an accessory would be a great addition to any wardrobe and even those with a more conservatory sense of style would probably enjoy wearing such a beautiful accessory. There are a few companies that have started recreating bags that resemble this particular model and even replica manufacturers that have been replicating the same bag Lady Gaga is wearing so this is definitely a hit.

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