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Lady Gaga – Special Chanel Handbag

Lady-Gaga-Chanel-Bag-Barneys-WorkshopLady Gaga is probably one of the most in vogue celebrities at the moment. With a lot of major music hits and her controversial look, she always makes sure that she stays on the magazine covers. This time she managed to be in the spotlight again because she has received a handbag created especially for her by the fashion house Chanel. It seems that somebody really loves Lady Gaga or Chanel just wants a bit of publicity. Lady Gaga is probably one of the most important celebrities at the moment and she really managed to have a great impact on the fashion industry. She is well known for her taboo wardrobe choices and she started a lot of trends since she became popular. Lady Gaga is considered to be the modern Madonna and she definitely adopted the same shocking style Madonna did when she started her career.

As you can see in this photo, Lady Gaga had a photo-shoot promoting the beautiful handbag at her workshop at Barneys New York flagship on Madison Avenue. The strange but beautiful handbag is made out of white leather resembling nobility, just like the rest of the outfit Gaga wears. The bag’s handles are made of beautiful chain with a charm that has the Chanel logo. It also has two beautiful flowers and everything is simple and monochrome. It was expected that the bag would look this beautiful as it was designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself. Although it seems to be just one of a kind, people all over are expecting at least one limited series of handbags that resemble this beauty. Some say that Chanel tried to advertise because they might be coming up with a new line that might be a little different than what they have been designing lately and Lady Gaga is the right person to promote something unique.

Chanel always managed to create beautiful handbags so there’s no need to worry that they won’t come up with something amazing. Actually, any handbag from Chanel is timeless so it’s not only a handbag is an investment in high class style.

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