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Taylor Swift Mark Cross Satchel

taylor_swift_mark_crossTaylor Swift is the sweetheart of America, with her beautiful voice and her amazing talent she has managed to become a big star and her fame has gone international. But besides being extremely good at what she does, Taylor Swift also has to usually work a lot to maintain a certain image like any other star out there. And being one of the youngest stars that ever signed with an independent label is not an easy job. Maintaining her image and performing so well is inspiring for us all. She also hasn’t been involved in any type of scandal and she manages to dress tasteful to not be on the cover of tabloids too often. Another interesting fact about her is that she managed to be part of the community from a very young age by participating in different charities. Here we can see her dressed beautifully like always but what catches out attention is her amazing handbag. She is wearing a Mark Cross brown leather handbag that fits perfectly with that outfit. The bag is actually very versatile and it would definitely become one of those timeless accessories in your wardrobe.

This Mark Cross satchel is a great item for those trying to get that perfect handbag they can carry around everywhere. It comes in a beautiful burgundy color that doesn’t look extremely artificial. Another reason why you should choose this particular bag is because it also has double straps, handles and longer straps so that you can easily carry it on your shoulder. Whatever you choose, you will simply love the way it goes with your most casual outfits. However, it can be a great bag for work because it is roomy enough to carry your essentials and the versatility of the straps makes it more comfortable when having a heavy weight.

If you are looking for other models or colors you should know that this awesome handbag also comes in black, orange, red and even squash color so you can combine more crazy colors if you feel like flashing one of these bags around. For those looking for a more elegant approach burgundy or black are perfect choices and they can easily stay with you for many years since their design is timeless. Also the bag comes in small version and large version so keep that in mind. Taylor Swift is carrying the large version. The simple design and the overall functionality make the Mark Cross satchel the perfect bag to carry your essentials during the day.

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