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Rachel Bilson Chloe Marcie Bag

rachel-bilsonIf you like watching TV series, you surely heard of The O. C. which is a prime time drama that lasted four seasons and was on for four years starting from 2003. In this very popular TV series, Rachel Bilson played the role of Summer Roberts, one of the main characters. The show got her a lot of attention and launched her career in show business. Since then, she has been involved in the fashion world with positions such as director at Sunglasses Hut. She surely knows a thing or two about fashion and her unique style is always nice to see; a casual outfit with a pair of jeans, a black top and the right accessories.

If you can’t recognize the famous handbag, it is a Chloe Marcie Bag; a design and that has become very popular amongst celebrities such as Katie Holmes and Jessica Alba, and now, Rachel Bilson. The handbag goes well with her effortless style and while it may not be very hard to pull this look off, she always looks amazing. Given the large size of the handbag, it is perfect for everyday use and there is no need for other shinny accessories; granted, the pink scarf is a nice touch here.

Rachel made her film debut in 2006 when she appeared in The Last Kiss and she also had a role in the action film Jumper. Fans of Hart Of Dixie have surely recognized her; she is Dr. Zoe Hart. She does keep a pretty busy schedule with her acting career as well as constant involvement in the fashion world and it is always nice to see her wearing a casual outfit. When looking to get inspiration for an outfit, celebrities are always a good place to start as long as you look at the right ones. For something simple and cute, this outfit worn by Rachel Bilson is a great choice and make sure that you get the right accessories to go with it; things like the fashionable handbag and maybe even the color splash of the scarf. Looking like a celebrity is not always difficult if you know what to get.

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