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Miley Cyrus And Her Love For Luis Vuitton Handbags

Miley Cyrus Louis VuittonMiley Cyrus is a known pop star and actress and she seems to have a soft spot for Luis Vuitton handbags; she declared that she has more than twenty handbags that bear the LV logo and that she can’t get enough of them. Besides her many talents, we can easily say that she also has a fashion sense to envy and she is always looking great. As we can see in this picture, even a casual outfit can look every chic give the right accessories and that Luis Vuitton handbag is definitely doing the trick. Some of you may know her by the name Hannah Montana from the Disney sitcom and movie that brought a lot of popularity to this young superstar.

Her music styles evolved as she grew into an adult and she started getting away from the Disney image in 2009 and focused more on cultivating an adult image for herself. Singles like Party In The U.S.A. guaranteed that she will still be in top charts and the 2010 album, Can’t Be Tamed, was a great success.

Since we talked about her love for fashion and for Luis Vuitton handbags, in this picture we can see her wearing a Mahina XS, a very fashionable shoulder handbag from the famous fashion house. This white bag with golden hardware and the LV monogram is a very chic and fashionable accessory, not to mention that oversized handbags are in fashion this season.

Although Miley Cyrus is just 18 years old, she does seem to know about fashion or at least she has the right people helping her with it because she does look very good no matter if you see her at the VMA or just going shopping. She is now working on her fourth studio album and we will surely hear a lot more about her and also see her with future amazing outfits.

Luis Vuitton Mahina XS Bag

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