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Lindsay Lohan With A Pink Small Prada Saffiano Bag

lindsay-lohan-prada-bagIf you like keeping up with the latest gossip in the celerity world, then you surely know something about Lindsay Lohan. She is an actress and a pop singer who started her career at a very young age; at 11 years old she had her debut in The Parent Trap, a remake made by Disney but, at this age she was already used to the flash of the cameras as she was already known as a child fashion model. Once she got taste of the big screen, it was clear that she will be around for a while. Lindsay rose to fame after staring in movies such as Mean Girls and Herbie but she got more publicity from her personal life, which was becoming a bit too chaotic.

Despite the problems with the law and with the two DUI in 2007 that threatened her movie career, she managed to get a great role in Labor Pains, a comedy that shows the difficulties that women have to go through.

Her drug abuse and hectic lifestyle caused problems to her career and she also spent a few nights in jail and even more in rehab. We can only hope that she manages to fight this addiction and get back to the lovely girl we know her to be. We got to see her at numerous events where she looked absolutely amazing. Her eyes and her freckles make her very beautiful and as long as she dresses nice, you can notice a great fashion style; she does have a clothing line after all, named after the birth date of Marilyn Monroe.

In this picture, we see Lindsay wearing a casual outfit with few colors that would stand out except the small bag. This Prada Saffiano mini bag brings a bit of playfulness to her outfit and it reminds us of the actress we know and love. The pink color and the small size make this bag belong in a Barbie set and girls that used to play with the doll will surely fall in love with the bag. It is perfect for holding small things like your mobile phone and wallet but most important, it is great for adding some color to your outfit.

Prada Saffiano mini bag

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