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Jennifer Lawrence Ralph Lauren Saddle Bag

SPL374324_003Jennifer Lawrence seems to be everywhere these days. The Academy award winning actress is really taking over the world one small step at a time. She shocked the world with her new and brave pixie shortcut, much to the despair of her “Hunger Games” director.

Definitely a risk taker, Lawrence said the new hairdo isn’t as much a fashion statement as it is a health decision. Known for her long wavy hair, the actress said that too much bleaching, coloring and extensions really “burned out” her hair, and the only thing left to do was to chop it off. Thankfully for the 23 year old, she can totally rock the pixie ‘do and seems to be starting a new fad with more and more young women going for the easy to maintain short hair style.

When she isn’t reinventing her hairstyle, Lawrence addresses issues like the overly sexual image of young entertainers. The actress talks about how sex still sells in Hollywood and how young sex sells even better. Lawrence adds that she somehow feels responsible for her young fans and tries to behave like a role-model, and take on roles that promote a realistic image for women, taking into consideration the influence celebrities and movies have on children and teenagers.

Even with such a busy schedule, the actress is quite the fashion icon, and never misses an opportunity to shine, whether it is on the red carpet, at some social event or just when out shopping. In this photo we can see Jennifer Lawrence wearing a comfortable blouse and jeans combination, perfect for a casual day out. On her shoulder is the fantastic Ralph Lauren Saddle Shoulder Bag. The simple light brown leather bag is ideal for a comfy outing. The Saddle Bag by Ralph Lauren is the perfect thing to add to your wardrobe if you just want to get coffee or if you need to look like a million dollars but feel comfortable in your casual outfit.

This beautiful handbag is made out of the best Italian leather and has a saddle design with a unique equestrian themed logo. As far as some technical details are concerned, the crossbody strap is a 22”drop, the flap closure has a leather pull locking system. The inside has a special cellphone pocket and the whole bag has a leather lining. Made in Italy the bag dimensions are as follows: the width is 9 and a half inches, height 8 and a half inches and depth 2 and a half inches, making the Ralph Lauren Saddle Bag the perfect solution to any type of casual outing in terms of looks as well as practicality.

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