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Ashley Tisdale And A Marc Jacobs Handbag

Ashley Tisdale Marc Jacobs HandbagIf you like watching the Disney Channel or if you keep up with the young talent in the music industry, chances are that you know who Ashley Tisdale is. This young star became famous after appearing in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and, most important, she played the role of Sharpay Evans in the famous High School Musical film series. After we got the chance to see her act and sing, she landed a record deal and released her first album in 2007 with great success. She is now very involved in acting and singing and she also owns her own production company.

Although she is always working to improve herself and her Hollywood career, Tisdale is always looking good and she is never out of fashion; something that the young girls that admire her can learn from this young starlet. As we are used to from female celebrities, it is all about the accessories and here we have to mention that the handbag is a very important thing.

In this picture we can see Ashley Tisdale on the pink carpet with a great looking white dress and with an amazing black handbag. The latter is a Marc Jacobs Quilted Leather, perfect for special events such as this. It is very practical due to the medium size and the design goes perfect with a glamorous dress and that wonderful style she is trying to achieve. If you know a thing or two about handbags, you will know that the diamond patterns and the golden chain are something normal for a Marc Jacobs handbag. You can choose to hold it by the double handle or put it on your shoulder with the help of the chain; however you feel like wearing it, you will surely look good with it, as Tisdale looks in this picture.

It is always good to see a young star, which many kids look up to, set such a good example when it comes to fashion and accessories. Ashley Tisdale looks great at every event and she has a smile that can light up the room.



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