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Katherine Heigl and her Valentino Leopard Tote

katherine_heigl_valentino_Celebrity_BagValentino made a new change in its fall collection and had jumped on the leopard bandwagon. This is rather surprisingly taking in consideration its latest models and also the well known handbags brand concurred one of most appreciated fashion icons,  Katherine Heigl, who was recently spotted toting a Valentino Leopard Tote. Jessica Simpson was seen carrying the same model. The leopard print is back and most of all you can see it on this indispensable woman accessory. The idea of put this print on a bag might seem a bit odd but nowadays it is a matter of ethics but as long as the print is just an imitation of the real pattern, then if it suits you why not wearing it. The animal has been always a matter of contradictions whether it represents a mark of god taste or not but Katherine Heigl showed us that leopard print can be casual, can fit perfectly your daily outfits and can give you that spot of brightness that you need in order to be observed and appreciated. A printed bag seems to be in her vision an accessory that can illuminate a simple a pair of jeans and with an orange blouse near by the bag will look even more interesting. Celebrities like Katherine Heigl try to tell us that we have to be more daring when it comes to bags and that if you find the jeans, the sweater, the blouse, the sunglasses that will defiantly put the handbag into the correct light you will for sure make a true sensation from a simple walking on the sidewalk. You can wear print in different moments of the day, even if it is associated with evening outfits a printed bag can always do the work for you no matter if you just get out from the house or apartment and your heading to your office or to a coffee shop.

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