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Kristen Stewart With A Ralph Lauren Handbag

kristin-stewart-belmont-bagKristen Stewart is an actress mostly known for playing the role of Bella in the Twilight Saga but she also appeared in other big movies such as Panic Room and The Messengers and had a great role when she stared in The Runaways along Dakota Fanning. Her movie career is looking great so far and as the last Twilight movie has yet to be released, we can only expect her success to grow in the future. The series so far has brought Kristen a lot of awards including Best Female Performance from MTV Movie Awards. So we can see that she is quite a popular girl, despite her young age.

Although she is a big star, Kristen always has this simple style which makes her very lovable; there are many Twilight fans that are in love with her for the fact that she looks like your average girl. Her simple and lovable style is also seen off-camera and as we can see from this picture of her, outside the hotel, she has a very cute and simple outfit with jeans and a leather jacket. What stands out from this outfit is actually the big brown handbag; a Ralph Lauren Belmont Bag that goes perfectly with this young star’s style.

The design of this glamorous handbag is pretty simple and to the point with a large size that can be perfect for a casual outfit. Also, the choice of color is perfect in this case and it goes perfectly with her hair, thus making her stand out in a very good way. The handbag itself is designed to be as comfortable and as practical as possible and it can be easily worn on the shoulder due to the leather handle. This great style she chooses to wear is a great example of simplicity and good taste.

Both the starlet and the handbag look great in this picture and I’m sure that everyone is looking forward to seeing her on the big screen again along vampires and werewolves. It seems that Kristen Stewart doesn’t only look good on camera but also looks amazing with her wonderful sense of style.


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