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Brad Goreski – Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton BagA lot of men are reluctant when they have to wear handbags or when they see other men wearing them but it has become an extremely popular accessory nowadays, even among them. More and more male celebrities are using handbags either as fashion accessories or as practical items during their everyday activities. It might be a little unfair to consider that handbags are created only for women so it’s time to accept these trends. We can see stylist Brad Goreski here wearing a wonderful Louis Vuitton handbag with pride. Brad Goreski is a style director and an art historian born in Canada. He even had an internship at Vogue and worked as a fashion stylist with Rachel Zoe. Unfortunately, they had an argument while they were filming The Rachel Zoe Project and he left after a few seasons. But it was all for the best as Brad now has his own reality show called It’s a Brad Brad World created in the same style as The Rachel Zoe Project.

We can see him wearing a wonderful Louis Vuitton Keepall 45 Bandouliere that has been popular for a long time now among male celebrities. It works really well for all kinds of outfits, it matches perfect with a suit as we can see in the picture but it’s also great for a more casual wear. You can also use it as an office bag as it has enough room to carry anything from documents to a small laptop. It has a very stylish neutral color which makes it perfect to match with any other colors and it also has beautiful metallic pieces that enhance its beauty. This version is also very comfortable as it has handles and a strap to carry when it gets a little heavier or when you want to look more casual. The straps are removable if you plan on being more elegant and want to wear it as a briefcase.

The Louis Vuitton keepall 45 Bandouliere is definitely something worth buying as it is very versatile like most Louis Vuitton bags and can be worn with many outfit selections.LV Bag

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