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Emma Stone – Beautiful Lanvin Handbag

Emma Stone is a beautiful redhead actress known for her roles in Crazy, Stupid Love, The Help, and Zombieland. She also played in the TV series Drive and will be starring soon in the movie Amazing Spider-Man. Her personal life was pretty interesting. She was a member of a regional theater when she was young; she also appeared in a lot of children movies during her teen years such as Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, or The Princess and the Pea. At 15, she dropped out of high school and moved with her mother in California to work more on her acting career. She has a very distinctive low-pitched voice due to a condition in her childhood that caused nodules on her vocal cords.

 We can see her wearing the new Lanvin JL Bowling Bag, a beautiful but very expensive handbag. It is made with black or gold/tan soft calfskin that features golden hardware. It also has removable and adjustable shoulder straps and a beautiful inside lining that improves the design even more. The best thing about this handbag is the fact that it combines a lot of the existing trends at the moment, so it’s a perfect purchase if you still find it available. It looks absolutely trendy with anything and we can see Emma wearing a cream-colored version of it with a casual outfit. Unfortunately, for those of you who fell in love with the cream colored handbag, there isn’t one available at the moment, the company only sells the tan and the black version so you will have to wait until this beauty becomes available.

 What’s great about this bag is the fact that it’s timeless and you will be able to wear it in the following years; actually, very few high fashion designer handbags become out of style and those are usually the ones which look a little bit crazier or glamour. Most handbags have classic lines and you won’t have any problems wearing the same bag for a few years. Also, they are very durable and work well with any outfit so that will always be a plus when it comes to buying one.

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