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Victoria Beckham Rocking A Jimmy Choo Handbag

Jimmy Choo PurseOne thing is certain about Victoria Beckham, she knows how to pose for a picture; no matter if she is at a formal event or just walking down the street, chances are that she has the latest fashion items and looks amazing. If you don’t recognize this beautiful woman then you must have forgotten about Spice Girl and you may not be a big soccer fan. Victoria was part of the famous British girl group of the late 90s called Spice Girls. After the girls went their separate way, Victoria had a solo music career which had quite a lot of success in UK. She is also known for her fashion lines which include a line of handbags so it is safe to say that she knows a thing or two about fashion trends. She actually designed the interior for the new Range Rover Evoque proving once again that she can be everywhere and add style to everything.

The ex-Spice Girl is rocking a black outfit in this picture making it look sexy with no real effort on her part. The unbuttoned shirt and the tight pants make sure that she looks amazing and the black Jimmy Choo bag just makes it perfect. Jimmy Choo handbags started becoming famous in 1988 after the designer went through some difficulties and low paying jobs just to follow his dream of becoming a famous fashion designer. The brand is now known for creating high quality handbags and the perfect proof of this fact is this picture of Victoria Beckham wearing one.

Victoria met David Beckham in 1997 at a charity event and announced their engagement one year later. David is a football player, or a soccer player, depending on which side of the ocean you are, who became very popular when playing for the Spanish team Real Madrid. He now plays for Los Angeles Galaxy. The two make the perfect couple due to their obvious strong sense of fashion and social presence amongst the elite; they were also seen at the Royal Wedding where they looked simply amazing. Fashion is a big part of their life, especially of Victoria’s life and it is always nice to see her with a nice casual outfit.

Beautiful Handbag

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