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Christina Aguilera Givenchy Nightingale Bag

Christina Aguilera Givenchy Nightingale BagOf course we all know who this is. Christina Aguilera was seen on the 1st of April 2011 while she was walking casually in Santa Monica with a gorgeous red Givenchy Nightingale Bag. This fashionable handbag is perfect for that casual look and although it may seem simple, the stitching is very interesting and unique. The one color all-around doesn’t take away from fashion diversity because it can be used with different outfits to obtain great looks.

Christina Aguilera has always liked being the center of attention and it seems that the best place for her is in the spotlight. She did her first television appearance back in 1990 on Star Search where it was clear that she was just getting started. After that, followed a career on Disney Channel along Mickey Mouse and his friends but she soon grew out of it and quickly started to catch the attention of everybody in the music industry. With songs like “Genie in a bottle” and “What a girl wants” she made it known that her gift is not just her beauty but also her incredible voice.

Her great looks and her dedicated personally made her a perfect candidate for the big screen where she played an important role in Burlesque in 2010 along with Cher. It is easy to notice style and class when you see it and it seems that Christina Aguilera has the whole package.

The great handbag that can be seen in her hand is very fashionable but also very practical. The size makes it perfect for your everyday routine and you can expect that a famous person like Christina Aguilera will always have the latest items in fashion. It is also easy to use due to the double handle and the gold hardware makes it stand out just enough without it taking away from your style; a true masterpiece from Givenchy.


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