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Rihanna Wearing Fendi Zucca Clutch

Rihanna-Fendi-Zucca-HandbagIf you haven’t heard about Rihanna you probably lived under a rock in the past years. She is one of the greatest singers of our generation and surely a model for all women out there who want to look fashionable. She is not American and she actually comes from Barbados. However, she managed to sign a contract after auditioning for Jay-Z. It seems that her talent made her reach the top of her career pretty early. What’s great about Rihanna is her ability to sing but she also looks extremely good and she manages to dress beautifully. She also appreciates good music and she stated recently that Madonna was her idol and inspiration. If you are thinking that all she does is sing and have fun every day, you should know that she actually started a foundation named Believe Foundation that helps terminally ill children. She is also helping the people from her native country Barbados through different programs and charities. Apparently she seems to do a lot of charity work and most people have no idea how much she struggled along with other stars to raise money for different causes. She is also an author and a songwriter, but let’s not forget about the fact that she did some videos herself and gained some popularity in video producing.

Rihanna is a great inspiration and she will always set a good example for girls everywhere. In terms of fashion she is unique. We can see her wearing a beautiful Fendi Zucca Clutch handbag that matches her casual outfit. This clutch has a great size and it’s definitely not like those little handbags people always wear at events. You can actually carry something in it so it’s very useful if you are a person who likes to take a lot with them. Unfortunately this exact bag is not available but you can buy something very similar from Fendi called Zucca Mia Clutch Wallet which looks almost the same. So, if you want to look comfortable or copy a little bit of Rihanna’s own personal style, this gorgeous clutch bag will do everything for you.


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