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Emma Stone With An Amazing 3 Tone Fendi Chameleon Handbag

Celebrity Luxury Fendi HandbagIt is always great to see a young celebrity with the latest luxury handbag, it is like something just happened and the two make a perfect image even they are spotted at the airport. If the picture is not enough, introductions are in order, the beautiful redhead is none other than Emma Stone, an American actress that appeared in the TV series Drive and in comedy movies such as Superbad and Zombieland. At 23 years old, she is one of the best looking actresses with big roles coming up. Moving past the celebrity history and to the amazing handbag that she is wearing, a Fendi Chameleon.

While the shape of the handbag is not something new, the design on the top corners and the way the top layer changes towards the top as well as the three colors available, give this fashionable handbag the name Chameleon. It is like it is able to adapt to your outfit and make it seem like part of it while maintaining the fashionable look that made Fendi famous. There are now three models available, each with different colors but the collection will most likely increase soon as more and more people fall in love with its design.

The size is pretty generous and it would make for a wonderful daily handbag. While the double top handles are always a good choice, there is also a long shoulder strap available for those that prefer it. Surprisingly, a luxury handbag that can actually be practical with a style that is unmistakable; it is enough to make you fall in love with it at first sight.

Emma Stone made the best decision available with this handbag; we will see her again on the big screen soon as she will be the female lead in the upcoming movie The Amazing Spider-Man that brings a new perspective to the Spider-Man series.

Fendi Handbag

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