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Chanel Tweed and Calfskin Messenger Bag

The new Chanel Messenger Bag in tweed is a Coco Chanel classic – reinvented. Tweed, with it’s rough yet amazingly soft and subtle woollen fabric texture, was always a favorite of Coco. The word is this is because she had two important lovers throughout her life and they were both British (tweed having its origins in the UK). So it’s no surprise that this timeless Messenger Bag utilizes this material so elegantly in a grey shade.

Coupled with the adjustable calfskin shoulder strap and elegantly topped off with a CC logo turnlock, this is a plush, highly modern bag that is not going to be limited to any one occasion or outfit. Although it will be best utilized and appreciated during the Fall and Winter months, it can easily be supplemented with one of the other full leather Messenger Bags in this collection during Summer and Spring. This woolly Messenger Bag really looks like a winter bag. The quilted pattern gives it a warm look, without losing its modern touch.

Luxury Chanel Messender Bag

This bag is part of the new Fall-Winter 2011/2012 collection of Chanel Messenger Bags and is by far the most unique and eye catching of the entire collection. The fraying on the top handle is classy, yet playful. It gives this bag an edge and one that we can only expect to see from Chanel.

Avoid Fake Chanel Bags

There is only one Tweed and Calfskin Messenger Bag worth buying, and that’s the genuine Chanel item. As with any new collection, the line up of replica bags flooding the market never takes long to surface. Look out for:

– The shape of the bag: fake replicas will have inconsistencies and noticeable lower quality edges and lines.

– Stitching – sloppy stitching is a sure sign of a replica.

– Logo – Knowing the Chanel logo is a vital skill. Fake logos may have the interlocking CC being either too thin or too wide.

The best way to avoid a fake Chanel Tweed and Calfskin Messenger Bag is to buy it directly from Chanel, or a trusted authorized retail outlet.  This bag is synonymous with classic Coco Chanel and those who choose to invest in it will not be disappointed. Chanel tweed jackets are timeless, and so too will be this bag.

The measurements of the Chanel Tweed and Calfskin bag are 9.1 x 13.6 x 4.1 inches.

The bag is available from Chanel for $3,100.

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