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Ashlee Simpson With Chanel Vintage Overnight

Ashlee Simpson Chanel HandbagHere we see Ashlee Simpson in Hollywood with her great Chanel Vintage Overnight handbag. She always has that casual look but she also knows how to look gorgeous and fashionable as you can see from her great choice of handbags. You may know Ashlee as Jessica’s younger sister but talent seems to be spread all over this family. Ashlee is a singer and an actress which became famous with her own reality show, the Ashlee Simpson Show, and her debut album, Autobiography, back in 2004. Success quickly followed her on her tours and in 2005 she released her second album called I Am Me.

Being a fashion icon and a role model for so many young girls can take up quite a lot of her time but this has never took away from her singing career; some even say that she is better than her older sister but you can decide that for yourself, what we know is that she is a great talent and a very beautiful woman with a keen interest for fashion. 2008 was a great year for Ashlee not only because she released her third album, Bittersweet World, but also because she got married with Pete Wentz and had a baby later that year.

It is said that you can tell a lot about a woman’s fashion from her handbag. In this picture you can notice the great Chanel Vintage Overnight Bag. It is black with gold hardware and you know it is Chanel from the large golden logo on the side and the well known diamond pattern. Chanel is one of the most exclusive designers available on the market today; a thing to consider when shopping for your own handbag. This handbag is a choice for the stars, and as we can see from the picture, a very good one.


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