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Snooki With Gucci Sukey Tote Bag

Snooki with gucci handbagIf you like watching reality shows, you have certainly heard about Jersey Shore and about Snooki. After a few cast members had problems with the brands they were wearing because the behavior they portrayed wasn’t exactly ideal, Snooki seems to love wearing high end fashion handbags.

On her real name, Nicole Polizzi, she became famous when she appeared in the reality showJerseyShore, in 2009. Apparently she wanted to appear on TV for a long time and managed to be seen on smaller shows on MTV. However, her popularity had a major boost after she appeared on Jersey Shore, not just because the show was highly advertised, but her behavior was attracting a lot of attention, not necessary good attention. She was invited to major TV shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Late Show with David Lettermen and she practically became famous overnight. She even wrote a book about how she searched for love during her partying on the Jersey Shore but it didn’t had many fans, despite having it highly advertised on other major TV Shows.

In this picture we see Snooki wearing a beautiful Gucci Sukey Tote Bag made with cream leather and combined with Gucci’s signature fabric. It is a great bag, very functional and roomy, perfect for everyday wear. For those who are planning to have a generic bag that will serve all purpose, the Gucci Sukey Tote Bag is the best choice because it has wonderful design combined with a comfortable feel. The bag also features leather trim, detachable interlocking G charm and two top handles. It also comes in 7 other colors including: blue/denim, beige, black, or chocolate crocodile. This amazing handbag is definitely suited for a celebrity and for a glamorous look and perhaps Snooki is not the best choice in that category.

Gucci Sukey Tote Bag

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