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Olivia Wilde With A Casual Gucci Marrakech Handbag

Olivia Wilde GucciIt would seem that Dr. Thirteen decided to trade her doctor’s coat for something a bit more casual. Olivia Wilde is known for playing the role of 13 in the TV series House but she also appeared in other series such as The O.C. and The Black Donnellys and in 2010, we got to see her on the big screen in Tron: Legacy. She is an actress that will always stand out, no matter the role, due to her facial features. She looks amazing and even with a casual outfit such as this, it is hard to not admire her fashion sense and style.

For a casual look, you need a handbag that doesn’t stand out too much but also one that doesn’t fade in the background. Olivia managed to find the perfect one for her outfit, a brown Gucci Marrakech Medium leather shoulder bag. It is the perfect size for daily use when you don’t need to have everything with you but you like keeping the essential things. For that casual outfit with a nice pair of jeans and a cute top, there is no better choice than this simple but superb handbag. It can also be worn with a professional outfit when you don’t want to have an overcrowded look.

She came from a family with a strong journalistic passion; her mother, father, uncles and late aunt were all journalists. This rich background and her superstar looks made for the perfect combination for the big screen. She also likes to help those in need and she provides education and health support in Haiti and she is known for being a supporter for Barack Obama in 2008. She already has a few movies lined up for 2012 as well as the new season of House which appears this fall.


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