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LeAnn Rimes With White Chanel Handbag

chanel-white-luxury-bag LeAnn Rimes is one of those celebrities you are just proud of. She managed to become a star when she was 13 because she had such a great voice and talent. Actually she is the youngest country singer since Tanye Tucker. If you are wondering what she managed to do besides singing, you should know that she also did some acting, she is a songwriter, and an author. Who would have thought that she will become such a great success in so many fields? She was always a great singer and actually her debut album Blue managed to reach Top 1 in Top Country Albums section. She soon became an international singer, especially after being featured in the movie Coyote Ugly and singing the song Can’t Fight The Moonlight, which became an instant hit.

She also did a lot of charity work for the American Association For Cancer Research and she managed to raise money for charities that help people with psoriasis, a disease she also suffers from. Besides being one of the richest country singers females in America, she also seems to know a lot about fashion. We can see her here wearing a beautiful plush white quilted bag from Chanel. It comes with a double strap, one made of chain and the other made of leather that can be perfectly combined with any outfit you need to improve. This beautiful white bag is perfect for special occasions but also a good handbag that you can wear everyday so it can be easily paired with casual clothing, as we see LeAnn Rimes do here. She manages to celebrate her femininity with a high quality handbag without wearing it with glamorous clothes. This is such a good way to inspire people through your own example.

It is such a wonderful opportunity to wear this beautiful Chanel handbag by somebody who really knows what they are doing; LeAnn Rimes is somewhat of a trendsetter and it can be a perfect example of good fashion for all of us. She always manages to make good decisions when it comes to fashion.


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