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Dakota Fanning Saving Her Outfit With A Balenciaga Handbag

If you don’t recognize the princess in this picture, it is maybe because you are not used to seeing her dressed like this. While she might be a famous American actress, something went terribly wrong when she got dressed that morning. The whole look seems a bit too much and the princess tiara on her head is quite funny. But, she did get something right and it is good to give credit where credit is due; the stylish Balenciaga handbag looks great which proves that you can indeed wear it with absolutely anything, even with a pair of torn tights and a silver crown.

Dakota Fanning started her acting career at a very young age and got her breakthrough performance in 2001, at 7 years of age, in the movie I Am Sam. The list of movies she has been in is quite impressive and it includes War of the Worlds, Hounddog, The Runaways and of course, The Twilight Saga. Numerous awards were granted to the young star and it is very interesting to see how she evolved in roles; from a young girl with dreams of becoming a superstar to a rock star in an all-girls band.

She is also the face of Marc Jacobs’ Oh Lola! perfume campaign, with the add being banned in UK. As most female celebrities, she is involved in the fashion world and has her own sense of style which is usually very modern. Everybody has days when they want to wear something different and if that includes a tiara and some old pants, there is no problem with that.

The Balenciaga Giant Hardware City handbag she has on is so nice, that it actually takes attention away from the bad elements of her outfit and even makes it look good. If that is not a good accessory, nothing is. At the end of the day, she is young and successful and there is nothing wrong with having some fun with your outfit every once in a while. She knows when to dress accordingly and when to let her style go wild and that can be very important in the busy world of celebrities where there is always someone taking pictures.

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