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Angelina Jolie – Tom Ford Carine Bag

Angelina Jolie BagIf you don’t know Angelina Jolie, you probably lived under a rock until now; still, let me refresh your memory. She is an Oscar winning actress best known for her role in Tomb Rider movies as Lara Croft. Another hit was Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Brad Pitt, her current husband with whom she has 6 children. She is currently one of the highest paid actresses and has been considered on of the world’s most beautiful women. She is also a major philanthropist and has been promoting a series of humanitarian causes. Her relationship with Brad Pitt has gained substantial media attention after they allegedly had an affair while he was still married with Jenifer Aniston. But that’s now in the past and she and Brad are now married living a beautiful life.

She was always a wild child and being the daughter of John Voight she probably gained a lot of attention when she was young. Also known as a tomboy for most of her early movies, she managed to become a beautiful lady in the past years and maintain that image.

We see Angelina Jolie here wearing a beautiful Tom Ford Carine bag which seems to be a favorite handbag for her husband’s ex wife, Jenifer Aniston. The handbag is black made entirely out of leather with beautiful golden accessories and an extremely elegant strap made with metal and leather. It was named Carine because Tom Ford did it with Carine Roitfeld, a former editor for Vogue France. They managed to create this wonderful handbag that was extremely popular in the winter collection. It comes in various designs like: alligator leather, suede, patent and nappa leather, all of them designed to suit every woman’s taste. A gorgeous handbag indeed, the Tom Ford Carine is suitable for a well known celebrity like Angelina Jolie.

Tom Ford Carine Luxury Bag

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