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Emma Watson With Burberry Handbag

Emma WatsonWhen she is not casting spells or learning about new enchantments, this witch is busy looking fashionable. Emma Watson is the new image of Burberry so this means that she can get her hands on the latest designs that come out, including this great tote bag she is wearing in this picture. While Hermione Granger doesn’t really have a fashion sense beside the school uniform, Emma more than makes up for that with her choice of outfits which show us her rebellious side.

If you didn’t get the hints by now, Emma Watson is mostly known for playing the role of Hermione Granger in the movie series, Harry Potter; the adaptations from the seven fantasy novels made by J. K. Rowling. In these movies, Hermione is one of Harry’s best friends and they go on magical adventures together in order to fight evil forces of magic. It can be a bit difficult to grow apart from the image of a student at Hogwarts after so many movies but Emma seems to pull it off quite nicely with young styles and a good attitude.

The Burberry tote she has on her arm surely gives her a hardcore vibe with the black leather and silver spikes. It is like a feminine version of the old biker jackets, perfect for an independent young actress that might want to change her style after playing the role of a fantasy witch. The coat with the black leather sleeves accentuates the style even more and the short hair as well as the big sunglasses make it perfect. A great choice in clothing for a casual outfit when traveling and it does inspire a look of a young rock star from the mid-80s.

She actually made her modeling debut in 2009 for Burberry’s Winter/Spring Campaign and made quite a lot of money for the 8 Harry Potter movies she has been in; an estimated 10 million pounds. Emma Watson also appeared in other movies, Ballet Shoes being the first apart from the famous series and she also expressed her interest in appearing in a musical film. Talented and young, fashionable and gorgeous, she is surely one of the hottest celebrities right now.

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